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The intellectual properties of

[All things STUPID about the news]

are up for sale...

Basic price to acquire domain is $21,000,000.00 [USD]. However, the proprietary idea is a form of intellectual property too, and increases the value by $4,000,000.00 [USD], bringing total purchase price to $25,000,000.00 [USD]. This acquisition essentially includes the domain name and the idea, whereas the idea will assist the buyer in building out the venture. The domain name can be acquired by clicking on the bold header text above, and setting up an account with the service provider there. Once the seller determines that there is a buyer who's actually ready to pay, then he or she will setup an account at the referring web address too so that the transaction may be fully realized. The seller can be reached using the information provided at the end of this webpage.

Basic Venture Description:

[All things STUPID about the news] is perceived to be a highly disruptive new media social networking news censuring concept. Upon the company's inception, it will engage in disseminating various user generated content in the form of real news, essentially guerrilla journalism, as well as lots of humor that targets the news industry.

Venture's Official Motto:

If the news industry has the freedom of the press to encroach upon our lives, then we should have the freedom of speech to critique and censure what it does.


Market Buoyancy / Disruptive Edge Statement:


Often manipulated by corporate, government and special interest groups, the news industry typically undergo antagonistic reviews from public scrutiny, and due to those ongoing activities, a critical lack of trust has developed and even strengthened over a period of decades. Additionally, the news industry's cable TV networks are driven by ratings, and so, for each network to maintain a competitive edge, often erratic decisions are made internally, predisposing networks to relentless censuring and conflict. Considering the above-mentioned, it's understandable why All things STUPID about the news would fill an enormous void, particularly, by affording the public a means in which to vent their point of views. Prospective owners who understand this volatility that encompasses the news industry, will ultimately benefit from it, as All things STUPID about the news provides for an exclusive domain, and a remarkable idea from which to launch an exciting service for years to come. This would be a venture wherein the ideologies of freedom-of-speech and expression takes on the intrusions and assertions of freedom-of-the-press.


Some Likely Competitors Are:


The Onion, a U.S. based news satire company; The Daily Mash, a British satirical website. These are companies that specializes in current events and satire news; as well as Wikinews, whose business model is centered on citizen journalism.


Links to Supporting Content:


- Washington Post: "Why everyone [it seems] hates

the news media" Click here.


- Princeton University Press: "Why Americans Hate

the Media and How It Matters" Click here.

The following are news categories that corresponds with the venture --

[Definitions 12 Predetermined News Categories]:

       - Diversionary news

      - Fear mongering news


       - Hilarious news

      - Machiavellian news

      - Manufactured news

      - Political talk news

      - Puppet news

      - Ratings driven breaking news

       - Sensationalized news


       - STUPID news

      - Unadulterated news

      - Voodoo news

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* Click to sample some STUPID news.

* Click to feel the Bern on U.S. corporate powers.

* Click to take corporate name likability survey.

* If buyer is a foreign entity, then entity, or its agent, must be unconfined in its capacity to do business with the United States, or a U.S. citizen. This is particularly concerning if a prospective buyer or agent contacts the seller for direct negotiations. Seller will pursue all reasonable means to verify the buyer or agent's status prior to finalizing any pending sales transaction. Any direct negotiations will require the services of a U.S. attorney or law firm at the buyer's expense, and such attorney or firm shall be disciplined in the fields of intellectual property law, international law and U.S. tax law; this requirement protects the interests of both the seller and buyer. Buyer shall be responsible for all applicable taxes. The seller's recommendation of a law firm is "Dentons."

* Seller may agree to work as a paid consultant if the buyer seeks assistance apart from information already provided to form this venture. There is no business plan currently available; seller will work from mental notes. However, if the purchaser is willing to pay for a reputable business plan writing service, then consider
Growthink Inc. as a viable option. 

Ancillary Information:


Concerning the intellectual property's registration with USPTO; common law rights provides sufficient legal protection at this time, along with transnational inexorable copyright law, and the IP's preceding and existing credit and goodwill already established in the public domain. The formation of the name is unique, and will ultimately lead back to its founder [John C. Sudds]. As the venture is in the process of being erected then the name can be officially registered with the USPTO, as well as other regions around the globe as required.


Contact Name: John C. Sudds

Primary email:

U.S. Tele: 214.476.1693 [mobile, DFW, TX. metro area]
Int'l Tele: +1 214.476.1693 [mobile, DFW, TX. metro area]

* Sales & use taxes may also apply.

* Considering serious inquiries only.


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[ALL things STUPID about the news] Apparel:

This is provisional apparel, but a more streamlined version could be designed for future organic growth throughout the venture's service.

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