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Until you've the indignation to resist the things we control and zombify you with you will abide by our demands; which includes but not limited to – engaging in bribes, seductive journalism, being calculative, using events and actions that align with our divide-and-conquer strategies, propagating and proliferating deception, as well as participating in bias practices of all kind to name a few.

And remember, don't screw with us or you'll be banished to a molten lake of despair; one that entails a substandard lifestyle of living, getting blackballed, and/or blacklisted, whichever serves our immediate interest. If you've any business dealings we can affect in a negative manner, then you best believe we will act upon it without hesitation.

Furthermore, in collaboration with our partners, who are strategically seated inside rogue and fringe elements of government, criminal enterprises, and/or individual proponents alike, your home will be wiretapped, and you will be monitored over satellite devices, or by way of manual dexterity.

You will be harassed and antagonized to the brink of insanity, wherein the process will repeat itself over-and-over again, until our thirst is fully satisfied.

Lastly, using the platforms of our enormous network you will be secretly labeled a degenerate of the worst kind.

These are merely a few remedies that will be brought to bear on your worthless butt, and we will make them all count. So DON'T screw with us you insignificant nitwit.

– Is this how you envision mainstream news media, as a big nightmarish behemoth bully whose umbilical cord leads to the cable TV advertisement industry?

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